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Waxed Canvas Bags

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Have you considered a waxed canvas bag for your adventures? Look, it's a fact that life is an adventure. You could carry just any bag if you were living just any life... but you, your travels, and your adventures are special. There are few bags that have the look, the quality, and the feel of a high-quality canvas and leather bag to tote your belongings. 

Our waxed canvas and leather bags aren't just tote bags. A tote bag is a mundane item; these are beautiful, classy personal accessories. They're high-quality, weather resistant, durable waxed canvas and full-grain, vegetable tanned leather. In other words, every waxed canvas bag and bag we produce, is more than just a collection of pockets. It's a high-quality waxed canvas and leather statement that says something very special about you.

Not Just A Brown Canvas Bag

It's not just a brown canvas bag, either. Brown canvas bags are a dime a dozen. Lots of people carry brown canvas bags or other leather bags and waxed canvas bags because they're looking to achieve a certain "look." In other words, they're affecting an image. Maybe they carry a canvas rucksack because they want to look like hipsters. Maybe they like bags for their utility. Whatever the reason, the attraction is understandable.

Why Did You Choose A Canvas Bag?

For whatever reason you gravitate toward a waxed canvas bag, understand that every waxed canvas bag is not made alike. Depending on which bag you choose, you're getting high quality leather and durable, thick canvas from us, yes... but you're also getting superior design and attention to detail. From the full-grain leather to the many pouches and pockets to heavy duty YKK zippers where applicable, our bags and bags aren't just leather and canvas. Our bags and bags are quality that makes a statement about who you are and where you're going.

Waxed Canvas Bags And Brown Canvas Bags Are Quality

What is quality? Quality means attention to detail. The stitching of our leather and canvas bags is top notch. The full grain leather and durable, heavy-duty canvas of our bags and other goods are second to none. The image that our waxed canvas bags project is a rugged but classy one. And that's what a good waxed canvas and leather bag is really all about. It's about making a statement of rugged individualism that doesn't sacrifice classical style and a sense of grace.

Waxed Canvas Bags: Style And Class In One

There are lots of modern materials. You don't have to have leather; leather is high-maintenance. Leather is more expensive than some other materials. Leather requires more craftsmanship to produce a good-looking product. Any factory can turn out a relatively decent synthetic bag or rucksack, but it takes real craftspeople to turn out beautiful leather goods. Add to the leather the highest quality canvas and you've got something that takes more effort to produce.

That effort is reflected in the sense of style and class that you'll bring to every place you go with your high-quality bag. Imagine the looks you'll get when you're on the trail, on the job, walking to work or school, or just making your way through life with one of these high-quality bags. Not only will you have the cargo space to tote everything you need to have with you in this busy day and age, but you'll have the high-quality bag to contain it. Your bag says you're a classy person of refined taste. There's no making a second "first impression," and someone who carries a high-quality bag like one of ours is definitely going to turn some heads.

And no, we're not putting too much emphasis on your bag. After all, what do people see when you make a first impression? They see your accessories, including leather goods like ours. They'll notice cheap leather, too, which is why you want the highest quality full-grain leather. That's why we use it, too. We know that you have places to go, people to see, and things to carry... and our bags will help you do all that with incredible class and style.

And let's say you don't care what people think when they look at you. Well, that's no reason not to treat yourself to the finest accessories at affordable prices. Yes, we invest a lot of care and the highest quality materials in our bags... but we know that the person who'll use that accessory every day is really the person who we must please. If you aren't happy, then we aren't happy. Our high-quality bags and other leather goods will amaze you with their detail, their workmanship, and the high-quality materials that go into them.

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up one of our high-quality leather and canvas bags and start living your adventure. The world is waiting. We can help you meet it.